About us

About ICAN
The Industrialization Center for Applied Nanotechnology (ICAN) was established in a 1000 m2 site by Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC) aiming at developing a nanotechnology-based economy in September 2017. ICAN works on nanofibers, nano-cavitation, nanoscale coatings, nanocomposites, nanomaterials and cold plasma in a close collaboration with six prestigious companies.

In order to manufacture and develop a prototypes, the active scholars, academics and knowledge-based technology companies urgently need easy and affordable access to the infrastructures and equipment to carry out their applied research works, make prototypes and conduct required tests.

Through providing the required equipment and facilities, as well as funding offers and intellectual support, ICAN will pave the way for researchers and academics involved in applied research projects. To do so, individuals and companies can efficiently focus on technological applications, research, application design, engineering design, prototyping, industrial design, technical knowledge development and the development of nanotechnology applications in various industrial fields.

ICAN’s highly interested fields include:

  • • Manufacturing and pilot-scale production services.
  • • Preparation of a suitable platform for technology and application development in industrial theses.
  • • Providing a joint opportunity for research works coming from industrial demands or challenges.

ICAN welcomes interested companies, universities, organizations, RTIs,  and individuals to cooperate with each other in a friendly atmosphere for product and technology development.


Mohammadjavad Khalaj

Director of ICAN