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ICAN Introduction


Alignment with the most professional supporting institutions for novel ideas and products in the world


  • Providing a network of equipment, industrial and specialized infrastructure
  • Guiding and accompanying technologists towards production
  • Financially supporting ideas that can potentially become a technological product
  • Identifying industrial problems and creating a suitable condition for solving them through technological cooperation between the industry and the technologists
  • Communicating and building up a network between investors and experts
  • Creating a platform for open innovation by bridging the gap between the industry and the technologist


With the motto of the intersection of expertise and commitment, ICAN defines and attempts to maintain the following organizational values ​​in achieving its great goals and vision:

  • Pay attention to organizational learning and individual learning at all levels of the organization, because without acquiring new knowledge and skills, one can never commit to providing services tailored to the needs of the audience.
  • The model of cooperation of ICAN members to provide services as effectively as possible is teamwork. We practice this model of cooperation every day and expand it at all levels of the organization.
  • Strive to maintain sustainable cooperation with a view to fulfilling commitments
  • Act honestly and correctly to gain trust
  • Commitment to protect ideas and maximum effort to achieve the goals of the idea owner and create wealth


رضا ایجادی

Reza Ejadi

ICAN Manager

Azadeh Bashari

Product Development Manager

لیلا الهی مقدم

Leila Elahi moghadam

Director of technological Affairs

سیدرضا معراجی

Seyad Reza Meraji

Director of Financial and administrative

مسعود عظیمیان | ICAN

Masoud Azimian

Director of industrial Department

Azadeh Khosravi

Director of Education Department

شعیب وسینی

Shoaib Vasini

Nano coating Expert

نیکی دادگری

Niki Dadgari

Nanofiber Expert

مینا شاکری

Mina Shakeri

Cold Plasma Expert

Parisa Golmohammadi

Nanomaterial Expert

Maryam Ghareghani

Nanomaterial Expert

Comprehensive annual performance report:
Industrialization Center for Applied Nanotechnology (ICAN)
In 1398

In this report, the activities of the Industrialization Center for Applied Nanotechnology, including the number of projects, developed products, services provided by industrial infrastructure, held training courses and events in 1398 are presented..

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ICAN History

Calendar of ICAN growth path events from the beginning to the present

Jan 2019
Formation of international cooperation

Holding an international matching event jointly with Amirkabir University of Technology. Among the submitted, two nano-related projects were selected for further development.

Sep 2018
Introducing technological products

Attending the Nanotechnology Exhibition on 18-21 October 1998 and presenting 11 products in the prototype stage or MVP

Aug 2016
Getting started ICAN

Establishment of Industrialization Center for Applied Nanotechnology (ICAN) by the Special Headquarters for Nanotechnology Development at the Iranian Scientific and Industrial Research Organization

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