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We aim to provide a proper platform for technology collaborations development between researchers and nanotechnology companies in order to develop nanotechnology products/ applications and offer them to the industry.

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Industrialization Center for Applied Nanotechnology (ICAN) was established in 2017  with the aim of commercializing researchers’ academic achievements and meeting the industrial demands based on nanotechnology.
Following two main goals:
1) Product development based on Nanotechnology
2) Platform development based on Nanotechnology, this center plays the facilitator role in technology development chain and the connective role between university and industry.

It provides university researchers’ access to Semi-industrial equipment with 7 available technology platforms in ICAN, which are:
Nanofiber, Nanomaterial, Nanocomposite, Cold Plasma, Nano-coating, Ultrasonic and Printed Electronic.

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Turning attractive ideas into technological products and applications. More than 200 projects in 20 technology field have entered ICAN so far

A platform for amalgamating industry with innovation. 205 applications from various industries in 7 technology fields have entered ICAN

ICAN is a safe platform for attracting private investors and venture capital funds to develop innovative products and services

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